Displaced Or Cracked Moldings

“How do I fill the gap between my crown molding and the ceiling?”

Hint: it takes more than caulk.

It doesn’t take a structural engineering degree to know how to fill the gap between your molding and your ceiling—just a little know-how and caulk. But you’d only be addressing the cosmetic problem.

Serious foundation problems manifest in a myriad of ways, including cracked or displaced molding, and filling the gap between the crown molding and your ceiling won’t prevent foundation collapse. Take displaced or cracked moldings as a sign that it’s time to have your home inspected by a structural engineer who specializes in foundation problems.

At Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we offer free estimates for homeowners like you. We’ll take a quick look at your home and assess the damage. If there isn’t any damage, we’ll let you know. If there is, we’ll customize a plan that cost-effectively addresses the root of the problem.

Cracked or displaced moldings are a telltale sign of foundation problems.

Fix the problem at its source. Call the professionals.

Baseboard molding that is separating from the wall or ceiling indicates one of two things:

  1. Your floor joists are sagging.
    Joists are the horizontal support beams below your floor. Sagging floor joists canbe a sign of wood rot or shoddy construction. Either way, sagging floors are more than a cosmetic problem—they are a safety hazard to your family.
  2. Your foundation is settling or sinking.
    Foundations built upon expansive soils—soils that heave significantly during freeze-thaw cycles—or foundations built with low-grade concrete, can settle or sink in such a way that it causes structural damage to other areas of your home.

Both causes are safety hazards to you, your family and your home. That’s why you need more than caulk when you notice a gap between your ceiling or floor and their moldings. Give Helitech a call—we’ll come out and see if it’s anything to worry about.

We’ll give you, the homeowner, a free quote for your foundation repair.

We’ll get back to you with a cost-effective solution.

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Steve H.

Waterloo, IL, USA

Aaron and Aaron just completed work at my home in Waterloo. I wanted to pass along my appreciation for the great work done by both Aaron’s. Very professional and courteous. Job well done!

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