HydraShield Basement Wall Paneling System

HydraShield Basement Walls Panels Facts

HydraShield is a wall paneling system that protects foundation walls from incoming moisture. As well as protecting your foundation walls, they will also add a finished look. The HydraShield system has multiple layers, low-density polyethylene, and high strength cord grid. The material is flexible, lightweight, and will not fail in cold temperatures.

Why Should You Consider HydraSheild?

Most homeowners have their homes waterproofed when they can see puddles of water in their basements. If the water is coming in where the foundation wall meets the floor, this is called hydrostatic pressure. A waterproofing system at the base of the wall, or buried next to the footing, will solve this problem. So, if the waterproofing solves the problem, why would you need basement wall paneling?

Think about what surrounds your foundation walls. The soil against your foundation is cold and wet through the Fall, Winter, and Spring months. During the summer months, hot and humid soil sits against your foundation. The state of the dirt can leave the walls moist and cause cracking. While this applies to a poured concrete foundation, it is even more true for block walls. Blocks are hollow and hold water allowing cold air to pass through.

The HydraShield Wall Paneling System is the ultimate complimentary product to Helitech’s HydraDry Drainage System. HydraShield will eliminate the possibility of mold by keeping your walls dry and protected through every season. Helitech’s HydraDry System will direct any moisture along the foundation footing down to the sump pump and out of your home.


HydraShield Provides A Brilliant White Finish

Helitech’s HyrdraShield material not only acts as a barrier against the elements, but it will also brighten up your dark basement! The material is seamlessly adhered to the wall leaving a clean finished look. The three-layered material has a smooth surface that can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth.  Each panel will be custom fit directly to your foundation walls’ height and length.

Unlike painted-on wall sealant, HydraShield will not peel, keeping water from penetrating the foundation walls. The HydraShield system will stand the test of time, making it a great investment that will save you money!

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