Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcers

Restore Structural Strength

When the soil surrounding your foundation becomes moist, it expands and exerts a great deal of hydrostatic pressure.

This constant pressure can erode mortar and allow the concrete blocks of your home’s foundation to slowly displace, resulting in cracked foundations that allow moisture leaks.

Helitech’s Carbonbond Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System is a patented technology that integrates the advancements made in aerospace to produce solutions for your home. In particular, structural reinforcement of concrete and block basement walls.

The Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System is designed to be so strong, so safe, and so economical, that no other method can compete.

Strength of Carbon Fiber

  • No excavating or drilling as the Carbonbond Carbon Fiber system installs easily without need for heavy or noisy equipment.
  • Compared to steel, Carbon Fiber is over 10 times stronger, much thinner (only one-tenth of an inch), and 40 times lighter.
  • Carbon Fiber repairs are completely maintenance free because they never will corrode like steel.
  • With the ease of installation, its incredible strength, and the durability of Carbon Fiber, it’s easy to see that no other choice makes sense.

Carbon Fiber Installation

A certified technician should determine whether this is truly the best option for leaning walls. You can choose to waterproof the interior of the cracks before the reinforcers are installed.

The installation itself is exceedingly simple. The cracked surface is prepared; adhesive is added, and the carbon fiber is firmly pressed against the wall. Either woven or laminate carbon fiber can be used, and the walls can be cleaned and painted following installation. If done properly, there will be no visible changes to your home apart from the cessation of the wall bowing.

Carbonbond can be installed in a simple, 4-step process:

  1. Inject polyurethane into the crack to stop water leakage
  2. Prepare surface and apply primer
  3. Bond carbon fiber to the surface to cover the crack
  4. Apply final coat of epoxy

Helitech offers free estimates on your Carbonbond Carbon Fiber foundation repair system.

Find out more about our pricing and available finance options for foundation repair.

5 star(s)

Jamie Guzman

Greg took the time to go over my unique situation and thankfully gave me the good news that my foundation was solid but the additions that were added to the home were off. He also was generous enough to give me pointers on how to fix the issues with my flooring in my kitchen to get them level. As a first time homebuyer it really was a relief that it wasn’t something much worse. I thank Greg for his wealth of knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended!

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