Bandboard Repair & Installation

Band boards are treated boards placed on the outside of your home behind your home’s exterior covering that cover the seam where your foundation and sill plate meet.

Because band boards come in contact with the sill plate, the foundation and the outdoors, they are especially vulnerable to wood rot.

And, though band board replacement is relatively straightforward, it only fixes the cosmetic issues. Typically, if you notice your band boards are rotting, it isn’t an isolated problem, but rather a sign of systemic water damage or foundation settlement.

Rotting sill plates and band boards are, in fact, one of the earliest signs of water damage within your home. Rather than commencing with a simple band board installation, it is important to treat the foundation problem or water damage at its source.

If you don’t catch your home’s water damage early, it can cause sagging floors, bowing wall studs and, in extreme cases, structural failure.

Fix water damage quickly and at its source.

Here are some of the potential causes of your band board wood rot:

  • Improper material choices for floor joists, sill plates and band boards

    Prior to the 1990s, untreated wood was used for band boards and sill plates. In recent years, however, pressure-treated cedar or redwood is typically recommended for its rot- and water- resistant qualities.If your contractor builds your flooring system with untreated wood, it will lead to premature wood rot. Click below to lean more about how to fix sagging floor systems

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  • Insufficient ventilation and dehumidification in your crawl space

    Crawl space foundations are prone to damp, high-humidity conditions. That is why ventilation, dehumidification and vapor barriers are so important. Crawl space ventilation systems keep your crawl spaces dry and free of wood rot. Click below to learn more about crawl space waterproofing

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Ceila D

Excellent customer service. Solved our sinking patio issue. The did a fantastic job and were very professional. They were very knowledgeable about what was causing the sinking issue and were extremely helpful finding us a solution that fit our budget. Thank you!!

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