Home Addition Needed Foundation Piering in Metamora, IL

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Woodford County Sunroom Deals With Failing Footing

A sunroom addition on house had a failing footing. The customer had problems with failing footing back in 2000 and had a contractor come in to excavate the foundation around the sunroom.

Load-Bearing Proved Troublesome for Settling Foundation

Once the area had been excavated, they cored holes into the existing footing and ran rebar into the footing and poured 36″ wide and 18″ deep slab of concrete over the rebar.

After the concrete cured, they then cored holes through the concrete and injected the holes with clay, dirt and sand mixture to try to float the existing foundation footing back up.

Because of the extra weight that was added due to tying the entire load into the existing footing, the foundation settled even more.

Settling Foundation from a Home Add-On in Metamora Township Healed with Helitech

Helitech excavated the foundation in the affected area and had to break out the entire additional concrete load. Once the concrete was removed, Helitech installed 7 helical piers to carry the load of the sunroom addition. After the piers were installed, Helitech was able to lift the sunroom foundation and stabilize it permanently. Helitech completed the installation of the helical piers providing the customer a solid foundation from any further settlement.

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Alex P, Zach, and Pedro were all extremely polite and very diligent in their work.

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