Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Helitech utilizes a special Carbon Fiber technology to help restore structural strength to foundation walls.

Using high strength urethane injection to fill the existing void, alongside high tensile strength carbon fiber sheets to stop further movement, the Carbon Fiber Crack Repair System stops cracks in their tracks. With materials stronger than steel, carbon fiber bridges the forces to fix the crack.

Safe, simple installation

  1. Inject polyurethane into the crack to stop water leakage
  2. Prepare surface and apply primer
  3. Bond carbon fiber to the surface to cover the crack
  4. Apply final coat of epoxy over the carbon fiber strip

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5 star(s)

Nora Beth H.

Harrisburg, IL

When estimate was initially done, we were a little hesitant, but the representative effectively assured us that when work began, if problems arose, work would stop and we would be immediately notified. On the day of the actual work, the crew went above in beyond. The crew was very knowledgeable which reassured us that we had made the right decision. Thank you Helitech!

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Our Homeowner Maintenance Checklist will serve as your plan for regular maintenance – particularly as it relates to foundation issues, concrete settlement, and structural repair. It is intended to be used all-year round and will help you ensure your home is healthy and protected through every month and season.

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