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Warning Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

Gutters are a critical component of your home's water management system, protecting the structural integrity and comfort of your home.

When working correctly, gutters safeguard your foundation, basement, attic, and surrounding landscape from water damage. When they fail, the structure and safety of your home is compromised.

Here are some signs your gutters might be failing:

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1Sagging Gutters

If your home's gutters are visibly sagging or pulling away from the house, it indicates that they may be full of water or debris and are no longer structurally sound.


2Overflowing Water

During rainstorms, if water spills over the sides of your gutters instead of flowing through the downspouts, it could mean the gutters are clogged or not properly aligned.


3Cracks, Splits, or Joint

Small cracks, splits, or joint separation in the gutter or downspout can allow water to leak through and damage your home's exterior and foundation.


4Peeling Paint, Rust, or

Water that stays in gutters due to poor drainage can cause paint to peel or rust, indicating that water is not being efficiently channeled away.


5Pools of Water or Eroded Landscaping

Any signs of water pooling around your foundation or erosion in the landscaping indicate poor drainage, which can damage your home's foundation.


6Mold or Mildew in the Attic

The presence of mold or mildew in areas like the attic or on the fascia boards can be a sign that water is seeping in due to inadequate gutter performance.


7Insect and Pest

Clogged or malfunctioning gutters can lead to standing water, which may attract insects and pests and lead to further issues, both in the gutters and within your home.


8Gutters Age

If your gutters are very old, they may simply be failing due to age. Materials deteriorate over time, and older systems might be less efficient and resilient than newer ones.


9Gaps Between The Gutter & Roof

The presence of mold or mildew in areas like the attic or on the fascia boards can be a sign that water is seeping in due to inadequate gutter performance.

The Helitech Gutter System

As experts in water management, we offer complete gutter systems designed to collect and carry stormwater away from your home. Insufficient exterior drainage can cause interior water intrusion, organic growth, and damage to your home's foundation.



Quality, 6-inch gutters efficiently
collect rain and melting snow.



Channel the water collected by the gutters to ground level where it can be directed away from your home.


End Caps

Positioned at the end of a gutter run, these metal caps seal the gutter. They prevent leaks and ensures that water exits through the downspout.

Gutter Guards

Our innovative gutter guards act as a shield, keeping debris like leaves, pine needs, and bird nests out of your gutters. They are an essential part of your gutter system, offering you the convenience of reduced maintenance. We offer three variations of gutter guards to keep your gutter system working at optimal capacity.


Small Hole

Spring tension holds this versatile powder-coated steel gutter guard in place. Medium debris loads with small-sized holes. Powdercoated steel. 0.028 Expanded galvanized steel.


Micro Mesh

Heaviest debris loads with the smallest possible holes. Locks into hidden hangers and does not disturb shingles. Powder-coated micro-mesh aluminum. Two center beads for added strength.


Extreme Mesh

Stainless-Steel Mesh (SurgicalGrade). Heavy-Duty Grade Aluminum Body. Durable Substrate Material. Handles up to 60 gallons of water per minute. Under-Shingle Mount or Fascia.

Downspout Extensions

Downspouts are an essential part of your gutter system, protecting your home's structural integrity. We offer multiple downspout solutions with expert installation that limit leaks and foundation issues.




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