Helical Piering Saves Lebanon, Illinois Nursing Home

Location: Lebanon, IL

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St. Clair County Nursing Home Needed Structural Repair

An existing nursing home has five wings off of main branch office making a star shape in which two wings were originally constructed on fill dirt. The nursing home has many finished rooms along each wing to house residents within the structure. Each room consists of a lookout window and finished drywall along outside perimeter wall.

Wall Gaps Causing Problems in Lebanon, IL Facility

Many residents’ living quarters along the two wings built on fill showed damage due to the settlement of the foundation. Gaps were created in a number of rooms where outside perimeter walls meet the ceiling wall.

Helitech was tasked by nursing home directors to stabilize the foundation and prevent any future settlement along wings built on fill dirt. In addition to stabilizing the foundation, Helitech was tasked to attempt a lift to try and close gaps in finished interior walls to minimize the cost of repairs.

Helical Piers Stabilize Structures in Lebanon Nursing Home

Helitech’s engineered a plan included installing 54 helical piers on the outside of buildings along with the two wings with settlement issues. Helitech was able to complete the task in two business weeks and was able to do so with very little disruption to outside landscaping. Also very importantly, all residents were able to safely maintain their current living conditions while construction continued.

Also very importantly, all residents were able to safely maintain their current living conditions while the project was being completed. Helitech was not only able to stabilize the structure giving it a sound foundation, but also ascertained a great lift on the structure closing gaps between outside perimeter walls and ceiling walls helping to lower the cost of cosmetic repairs.

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Clean and Professional

Illinois, USA

Kevin did a great job explaining what he was going to do and how long it would take. When he was finished, the workspace was very clean and he was even done a little early. Kevin was very professional.

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