Helibrace Wall Beam System

The Helibrace™ Wall Brace System, exclusively offered by Helitech, provides immediate superior support for bowing, buckling, tilting, and shifting Foundation Walls.

The strongest beam in the industry, backed by our Helitech Promise.

Our Helitech Promise is to provide the highest quality products, finest service, and to stand by our work for the life of your home. We have been serving the area for 5 decades strong and our longevity speaks to our reliability and commitment to excellence.

Bowing Wall Solution

The Helibrace™ is a structural beam support solution for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing basement foundation walls.

Solve Your Foundation Problems

Moisture causes clay soil to expand and puts extensive pressure on residential foundations. However, hydrostatic forces can be stopped for good with Helitech’s Helibrace Wall Brace System.

As basement walls crack and shift inward due to poor drainage and pressure, the value of the home must be protected. The Helibrace can be installed without any messy excavation or digging on the outside and with zero concrete removal on the inside. Most foundations can be structurally repaired and stabilized in as little as one day with the Helibrace.


  • Made in the Midwest with American Steel
  • Engineered and load tested specifically to the unique soil conditions of the Midwest to withstand the forces of nature on residential foundations.
  • No mess installation with zero excavation or digging, which means most installations can be completed in a single day.
  • Control your schedule by eliminating all weather delays. Complete interior installation.
  • A cost-competitive solution for bowing, buckling, tilting, and shifting.
  • No coring of holes or concrete removal is required.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Distributes and manages the earth’s horizontal forces uniformly.
  • Tightening overtime can often result in improvement.
  • Super duty beams custom fit to foundation walls.
  • Powder-coated to protect all steel components.
  • Tested and trusted to outperform all other wall brace options.
5 star(s)

Robert Cooper

I’ve recently moved my family into my parent’s old house. They built it 45 years ago and there was some settling over the years. The patio in the back had sunk down at least 4 inches and the steps were quite a drop now from the doorway. After getting a really low bid from a competitor for mudjacking, I called Helitech. Jake came out to perform the site inspection and provide us with an estimate. He was very thorough in his explanation of their process and the material they use. It is not the same as mudjacking by any means which resulted in an obvious price difference. We decided to go with the Helitech bid because of poor past experiences with mudjacking. Helitech had also taken the time to follow up with us a few days after the bid to see if we had any questions. The competitor did not. Scheduling was good with Ashley calling us and emailing us several times with the possible work dates and confirmations. We received all the paperwork promptly and the paperwork was very clear and thorough. On the day of the work, we received a call from the crew supervisor giving us an ETA. Jaylin and Mathew were the crew that performed the work. They were extremely professional in their prep work, the explanation of the work being done, and what expectations to have from the results. From start to finish, the whole process took 3 hours for our particular job. The crew brought plenty of the right equipment so that they didn’t have to try to take their truck into the yard. With the rain lately, it would’ve sunk in and damaged the grass badly so we were grateful for that. During the work, the supervisor had us come to check on their work several times to make sure that they were achieving what we were hoping to. At the end of the job, we did a final inspection and were extremely pleased. The work really outdid what we expected. Our patio was back to its original location and the driveway repair that they performed was virtually flush again which was important with relatives coming for the upcoming holidays. Most importantly, there was no mess left when the crew departed, and our dogs approved by running out and sniffing the work area! I would highly recommend Helitech for any work in the future.

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