Helical Piering a Garage in Paducah, KY

Location: Paducah, KY

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Settling Foundation Under Garage Leads to Bowing Entryway in Paducah Home

A residential project requiring helical piers to be installed to stop settling of garage portion of a house. Helitech installed (4) A.B. Chance Helical Piers along the exterior of the perimeter wall of the garage. The garage is attached to the house and runs perpendicular in an “L” shape.
As the garage had settled, it also pulled the brick face off the frame of the house creating a bowing effect near the entry doorway, along with cracking in the brickwork.

Bowing Brick and Mortar Cricks Solved with Helical Piers

Helitech completed the project within 2 full working days. Not only was Helitech successful with supporting the failing foundation of the garage, but as the helical piers lifted the structure, it also rotated back towards the house.

The bowing brick face went right back in place along with the closing of the cracks in the mortar. No tuck-pointing was required. An application of caulk next to the doorway made this area of the house look ‘brand-new’ once again. This project was very cost effective and efficient resulting in a very happy homeowner.

5 star(s)

Worked Steady

Springfield, IL, USA

The kids worked hard. Hopefully things will work out with our retaining wall.

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