Basement Waterproofing in Cape Girardeau, MO

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Southeastern Basement Waterproofing Project

A homeowner in Cape Girardeau called Helitech because of a major water problem, as the original sump pump drainage system was not effectively keeping water out of his house. Had the homeowner followed these tips for hiring a contractor, he may have not experienced these issues.

After a contractor removed the existing drywall, Helitech found significant structural issues that created horizontal and vertical cracks in the foundation that allowed water to pour in. In order to properly keep his home dry, these structural issues needed to be addressed.

In addition to installing the Hydraway 2000 Drainage System to solve the home’s water problems, Helitech corrected the structural damage by installing wall anchors for horizontal wall support and resistance piers for vertical stabilization.

Cracks in Foundation Lead to a Wet Basement in Cape Girardeau

The SEMO homeowner called Helitech after he heard water pouring into his house behind the drywall in his finished basement. He had an existing sump pump and drainage system, but it was not properly capturing the water and discharging from his house.

We asked him to remove the drywall and studs from the area in which we believed to be the problem. The homeowner had a contractor remove the drywall and we re-inspected the now exposed walls and found multiple large cracks running both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal crack had water pouring through it like a waterfall! Not only was there a need for a new drainage system, but there was also significant structural damage as the bowing wall needed to be stabilized.

Southern Missouri Home Healed with Basement Waterproofing

Helitech’s solution was to install 125 linear feet of the patented Hydraway 2000 Drainage System and two (2) accompanying sump pumps. To solve the structural issues, Helitech was to install nine (9) A.B. Chance Helical Wall Anchors to stabilize the back wall of the house and keep it from further bowing inward.

After removing 14 inches of the basement floor to install the Hydraway Drainage System, we encountered another structural problem. Our highly trained engineers inspected the footing where it meets the foundation and discovered a large gap separating the two. It was found there had been significant settlement on three (3) of the four (4) walls of the house.

Helitech proposed the installation of 24 Atlas Resistance Piers to stabilize the three affected walls and prevent further vertical settlement. The customer was happy that we had taken the time to inspect everything thoroughly to truly solve not only the basement waterproofing issues but also the structural damage that occurred by settlement.

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