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With over 35 years of experience, our trusted team offers effective and permanent waterproofing and foundation repair solutions that will withstand the life of your home; this is our Helitech Promise.

Our proprietary technology can solve even the most challenging exterior and interior waterproofing and foundation repair needs. Our specialized service include:

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When concrete slabs sink unevenly, they often tilt and crack, creating an uneven surface that can lead to tripping hazards and poor water runoff. In order to remedy the safety and cosmetic issues that uneven concrete present, you’ll need to choose some form of concrete leveling repair. Find out more about mudjacking, a less-invasive alternative …

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Basement Wall Repair

Bowing Basement Wall Repair When you first notice leaning, bowing, or cracked concrete walls in your basement or crawlspace, it can be a frightening experience. This is especially true if you are a new homeowner or don’t know much about foundation waterproofing. Don’t fret, though. While bowing walls and wall cracks are alarming, they are …

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How to Fix a Sinking Foundation

Foundation problems are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. They can look terrible, they can be expensive to fix, and—worst of all—they can seriously damage your entire home. If your concrete foundation is starting to sink, it’s a real problem that requires a permanent solution. Find out… How to spot a sinking foundation What causes foundation damage …

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Foundation Crack Repair

How To Fix Structural and Foundational Cracks Foundation cracks can be alarming for a homeowner. Your home is a huge investment and seeing structural damage can make anyone a little nervous about their home’s value. However, once you know what you’re up against, it isn’t too alarming. There is plenty you can do to tackle …

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