Basement Waterproofing: Pricing + Financing Information

How much does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

As a homeowner, it’s hard to find anything as unwelcome as some unexpected spending. Well, except maybe some unexpected seepage in your foundation walls.

Many home projects quickly become expensive endeavors and, if you haven’t budgeted for it, could stretch you a little thin. We recognize at Helitech that this is a widespread concern among homeowners, so we offer as much transparency and assistance as possible to help you heal your home correctly.

Yes, basement waterproofing costs can be intimidating. Our expertly trained technicians will help tailor our services to your needs, so you receive the best solution for your investment.

With financing options available, Helitech makes it possible for most people to find a solution that fits their needs and falls within their budget.

We will send one of our professionals to examine where your leaks are and determine the next steps. The cost and repair type is also dependent on the location of the repair site, and our certified professional will help you find the basement waterproofing solution that best fits your needs and works within your budget.

What Affects Basement Waterproofing Costs

Costs can vary significantly depending on how expansive of a basement waterproofing system your home needs. Some homes require a new interior drainage system, while others need a lot of fine-tuning.

No matter the scope, Helitech is prepared to heal your home while keeping costs competitive and transparent at all times. To understand the average costs and how your home might stack up, set up your 100% free (for homeowners) home inspection today.

What Type of Basement Waterproofing is Right For Your Home

There are a few different tactics our basement waterproofing specialists use to fortify foundations. Every home is different, so the price of healing every home is different. Exterior projects that require excavation might be more expensive than other homes that need an interior sump pump installation. Your cost is often determined by what your home needs, not by what you want to pay. At the end of the day, if you ignore warning signs, it’ll wind up costing you more in the long run.

All told, your basement might require any one or all of the following basement waterproofing methods.

Interior Waterproofing

Protecting your home from the inside out is equally important to exterior waterproofing methods. This is especially true if you are already experiencing a degree of water seepage in your basement system or crawlspace.

Seepage wares down on concrete walls, creating wall cracks and water damage as a result. Left unchecked, can erode your foundation walls and ultimately lead to a collapse.

The act of waterproofing basements is an attempt to make and keep your basement dry. How our professionals accomplish that goal depends on what your home needs, and that will ultimately determine your costs.

Basement waterproofing involves anything from applying a concrete sealer to wall cracks to installing a new Hydraway system complete with a submersible sump pump. Schedule a free estimate with a Helitech professional today to learn what a waterproofing project might look like for your basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

Just like interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing aims to keep your home’s foundation strong and your interior basement dry and free of any dampness.

Your home’s foundation is constantly under pressure from the outside world. That’s okay to some degree, though. A concrete foundation can withstand some levels of water pressure for decades. However, if you aren’t properly draining water from your home, you might be putting more pressure on than it can handle.

At Helitech, our waterproofing system involves a wide range of solutions and tactics, depending on the foundation. We often help clients by installing a french drain or downspout extensions, which help transfer water away from your yard. Your home might also require an exterior sump pump to help remove excess standing water.

Once again, the full solution for your home’s foundation is a bit complicated. We’re happy to send a professional your way so they can fully assess your foundation and give a transparent pricing figure.

Typical Labor Costs Associated with Waterproofing Contractors

Of course, as with any contracting job, factoring in labor costs is essential. Our trained professional staff works tirelessly to ensure every foundation repair method is implemented properly and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

For labor, the number of square feet being serviced will help inform our pricing. If you’d like a more detailed look at what labor costs might look like at your home vs. embarking on a DIY adventure, please consult with Helitech. We offer free estimates that break down the costs by line items so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Additional Potential Costs for Hiring a Waterproofing Company

Waterproofing a basement comes with a warranty offered by a basement waterproofing company such as Helitech.
Whenever workers are spending more time excavating, the price usually goes up. This makes working from outside on a deep foundation more cumbersome than interior waterproofing.
For some, purchasing a dehumidifier solely for your basement is a worthwhile investment. This allows you to control humidity better and eliminate bad air quality.
Gutters play a huge role in basement waterproofing. Always make sure your downspouts are clean and that they are discharging water at least 5ft from the foundation.
If you are a gardener or landscaper, make sure your plants are at least 12in away from the foundation to encourage water drainage.

What To Expect When Receiving an Estimate on Basement Waterproofing Services

The Helitech team is happy to provide you with a free quote. We will send someone to look at the damage, assess the scope of work, and give you an estimate on how much basement waterproofing costs to help you decide on how to proceed.  Be sure to ask your Helitech professional about available financing options for your basement waterproofing repairs.

Be warned: trying to turn this into a DIY home improvement waterproofing project can worsen your home’s defenses against water pressure more than it helps. It is best to consult with Helitech to get a 100% free inspection and estimate for homeowners, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Working with an expertly trained basement waterproofing company will make the process of repair stress-free. We work hard to ensure quality service from preparation to completion. Helitech provides excellent customer service to make sure you are taken care of even after our work is done.

Get in touch with Helitech today for more information on available financing options and to set up a free estimate.

Ask About  Basement Waterproofing Financing Options

One of the most common ways we help clients feel comfortable investing in their basement waterproofing system is through financing options. 

  • Helitech offers various types of Financing ranging from No Interest Option (Same as Cash) Financing to Traditional Installment Loans, as well as Home Equity Lines of Credit to full Refi’s.
  • The type of Financing will be based off the scope of the project and your individual Financing needs to help accommodate your budget.
  • We regularly shop for competitive products so you don’t have to.
  • 85-90% Credit Approvals
  • $1,000-$45,000 can be financed unsecured.
  • Credit Decisions typically take 5-10 minutes.

To receive a free quote for your situation, one of Helitech’s certified professionals will visit your home to assess your home’s damage. Be sure to ask your Helitech professional about available waterproofing financing options.

Are you interested in financing your waterproofing repairs?

After the job is done, you will be able to relax, knowing that your home is safe.

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