Cracked Block Foundation

When to be concerned about cracks in block walls

There shouldn’t be cracks in your cinder block basement walls. A cracked block foundation indicates underlying structural damage, especially if you notice the crack widening or growing over time.

Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair will accurately diagnose the root of the problem—whether it’s a buildup of hydrostatic pressure behind your wall, settling of the soil underneath your home or just a minor cosmetic blemish. Then we will devise a comprehensive foundation repair plan that addresses your home’s needs.

Our team of structural engineers and foundation specialists know how important itisto address foundation problems head on. This prevents foundation failure and ensures the structural integrity of your home for years to come.

There are a variety of foundation repairs that will work for cracked block foundations. Simple and low-cost epoxy resin injections will work for minor or cosmetic repairs. Serious foundation cracks, however, require more drastic action. For example, helical pile systems can transfer the weight of your home’s weakened foundation to more stable, load-bearing soil deep within the ground.

Foundation cracks point to structural damage.

Don’t let damage escalate to failure.

How to Repair Different Types of Cracks in Cinder Block Basement Walls

Types of Cracks in Your Cinder Block Basement Walls Possible Causes Common Repairs
Horizontal cracked block foundation Hydrostatic pressure because the soil is oversaturated with water
  • Carbon fiber strips or wall anchors to support leaning or bowing walls
  • Helical piles or piers if settling
Vertical cracked block foundation Foundation settlement
  • Epoxy resin injections can be used if the crack is minor
  • Helical piles or piers if the wall is sinking
  • Carbon fiber strips if bowing or leaning
Step cracks in block foundation Your foundation is settling unevenly
  • Helical piles can be placed at strategic points to support the wall

We’ll give you, the homeowner, a free quote for your foundation repair.

We’ll get back to you with a cost-effective solution.

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O'Fallon, IL

Guys were great, explained what to do, looks like nothing was done even though the driveway went up 3″! It’s AMAZING!

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