What is Mudjacking?

When concrete slabs sink unevenly, they often tilt and crack, creating an uneven surface that can lead to tripping hazards and poor water runoff. In order to remedy the safety and cosmetic issues that uneven concrete present, you’ll need to choose some form of concrete leveling repair. Find out more about mudjacking, a less-invasive alternative to concrete replacement.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking, sometimes referred to as slabjacking, is a concrete leveling technique that lifts a sunken concrete slab to make it level.

Sometimes, concrete is so cracked that it’s necessary to completely remove and replace it with new concrete. As you can imagine, this is an invasive and disruptive concrete repair method. Instead, we recommend our mudjacking services whenever possible.

In order to avoid the noise and mess of concrete replacement, it’s best to choose a concrete lifting method that preserves your existing concrete slab. While traditional mudjacking isn’t the only concrete raising technique, it is a cost-effective way to raise concrete that saves you time and money while preserving your existing landscaping.

Mudjacking is an excellent choice for sidewalks, porches, patios, garage floors, basement floors, swimming pool decks, concrete streets, and slab foundations. Keep in mind that mudjacking cannot be used for traditional and more serious foundation problems (but we have foundation repair solutions we’re happy to discuss with you!).

Benefits of Mudjacking

Mudjacking has many benefits over concrete replacement, making it a popular choice for homeowners with uneven concrete surfaces.

Mudjacking fixes the problem for good.

When some concrete contractors replace concrete slabs, they aren’t fixing the underlying problem that caused the sinking or cracked concrete in the first place: air pockets underneath. Replacing concrete without filling in the empty soil voids can lead to the same problem, over and over again. With Helitech’s mudjacking services, we fill the empty space beneath your sunken concrete with a grout combination that will prevent your slab from sinking again.

Mudjacking is quick and clean.

In most cases, there’s no need for us to tear up your concrete slab, which can potentially damage your surrounding landscaping in the process.
Additionally, mudjacking is a short process—it usually takes just an hour or two to complete. Compare this to the process of breaking up chunks of concrete, hauling them away, and replacing your entire slab, which can often take a full day, if not more.

When you have new concrete poured, you can’t use the surface until it is cured. This can take weeks, up to a month or even more. Mudjacking, on the other hand, has virtually zero cure time and will be ready to use that day.

Mudjacking looks better.

You may have seen sections of friends’ or neighbors’ patios or driveways that are a completely different color. That’s what happens during slab replacement. There’s no way to guarantee the texture and color of the new concrete will match what you already have, due to different materials, techniques, and weathering.

Slab leveling through mudjacking eliminates this concern. Because your slab is just being raised, and not replaced, it’ll stay the same color and texture throughout.

Mudjacking can save you money.

Mudjacking costs are typically lower than other repair methods; you can expect it to be about one-third to one-half of the cost of concrete replacement. With fewer materials and less labor involved, it’s a simple and cost-effective concrete repair solution.

Curious about polyjacking? Polyjacking is another excellent choice for raising concrete that uses a polyurethane foam injection system which is less invasive compared to traditional mudjacking. But for homeowners on a strict budget, we recommend traditional mudjacking.

The Mudjacking Process: How to Fix Uneven Concrete

As we mentioned, the mudjacking process is a simple and easy one that takes just a few hours from start to finish. Here’s what to expect when you hire Helitech as your mudjacking contractor.

First, our technicians drill 2-inch deep holes throughout the concrete slab.

We then inject a grout mixture into each hole and below the surface of the concrete slab. This mixture, made of Portland cement, aggregate, and water, fills the void areas underneath the slab and raises the slab to an even height.

Finally, we refill and tidy up the injection holes, clean up the area, and leave you to enjoy your like-new concrete slab.

Don’t replace it; raise it!

Want to learn more about mudjacking to see if it’s right for your project? Contact Helitech today for your free quote!

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