Concrete Removal and Replacement

If you have uneven concrete slabs or cracks in your concrete driveway or sidewalk, you already know you need to attend to the issue quickly. Not only are cracks in concrete unsightly and potentially dangerous tripping hazards, but they can adversely affect your home’s foundation, threatening the integrity of the entire structure.

Uneven concrete isn’t an uncommon problem, which means there are several options for repairing your damaged concrete.

In some scenarios, cracked or sunken concrete can be remedied through traditional mudjacking or polyurethane leveling; however, in more dire situations, it may be better to choose concrete demolition and replacement.

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Concrete Removal Replacement

The Concrete Removal Process

This can be an intensive process, and it takes a skilled concrete removal company to remove the slab without damaging its surroundings. Here’s how it works.

Before we even start working, we check to make sure there are no utility lines under your concrete and that you don’t need a city permit. Once we’re clear on those fronts, we’ll start the removal process.

We begin by saw-cutting your concrete slab into chunks. After the concrete cutting process is complete, we will move out those pieces and then continue removing concrete chunks that sat below the surface of the slab.

Once the full concrete pad is removed, the ground beneath it must be compacted to ensure the concrete pour will be level (and stay level for years to come).

Then we will re-pour the new concrete and reinforce it as needed. Afterwards, it will be finished by hand or by brush to give it a clean, attractive look.

Cost of Concrete Removal and Replacement

The two biggest factors in determining the cost of your concrete removal project are the size and the location of the job.

The square footage of your project will impact both the materials and labor costs. Additionally, if the location of the concrete slab that needs replacement is hard to get to, or is otherwise complicated, you may incur higher labor costs.

Another thing to figure into your potential costs is whether or not the concrete can be recycled; if not, you may need to hire a junk removal company to handle disposal for you.

Because there are so many variables that impact concrete removal cost, it’s best to request a custom consultation so we can look at the details of your project and give you the most accurate quote possible.

When Concrete Removal and Replacement Is Necessary

There’s no way around it: Major concrete removal projects can be costly.

But sometimes, not only is concrete removal the best choice, it’s the only choice.

When your concrete is too far gone to use less invasive leveling methods, removing the concrete is necessary. Depending on the amount of damage, your patio, sidewalk, or driveway may not be safe to continue using without replacing the concrete slab entirely. In addition to cracked concrete slabs being an unsightly eyesore, they can be a major trip hazard and can even affect your home’s foundation.

When you have severely damaged or uneven concrete, we’ll do everything possible to remove and replace your concrete in a timely and safe manner.

Helitech’s Approach to Concrete Repair

When you spot cracks in your concrete, contact us right away. A professional technician will come to your home and diagnose your problem for free. Our consultations are always at no cost to you and come with zero obligation.

Helitech is one of the premier concrete contractors in the region, and our technicians know how to quickly and accurately identify your concrete issues to recommend a custom, cost-effective solution.

Let us heal your home.

Contact Helitech today to schedule your free concrete removal or repair consultation.

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Doug K.

Marine, IL

I want to let you know that the crew that did the work at my house the past two days were very refreshing. It was nice to see people wanting to work and learn. Alex P knew his job very well and took the time to explain the steps to me throughout the process. He also was an excellent instructor, he has great soft skills when teaching his coworkers. You have a good man working for you. The rest of the crew, Akil C, John T & Kim W, was very polite. They worked & followed Alex’s instructions and wanted to learn. The experience for me was a positive one.

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