Basement flooding causes and solutions

Your basement floods every time it rains. Basement flooding causes irreparable damage to furniture, storage boxes and even the walls of your foundation. Basement flooding is much more than a nuisance.

It poses a structural risk—itcan weaken your concrete foundation and cause framing, structural studs, joists and beams to rot. It poses a safety risk—wet drywall can fall and harm you or your pets. It poses a health risk—excess water, especially ifit begins to pool, can provide a breeding ground for mold, pests and harmful microorganisms.

Because basement flooding poses such a big risk to your home and your family, it’s very important to treat the problem at its source.

At Helitech Waterproofing & Foundation Repair, we offer free consultations sowecan ascertain what, exactly, is causing your basement to flood through the floor drain or foundation walls. Then we’ll offer you a free estimate so you know how much the necessary work will cost.

Basement flooding causes significant damage to your home’s foundation walls and structural beams.

Treat your basement flooding problem at its source.

Basement flooding causes and solutions: How to treat the problem at its source

There are many possible causes of your basement flooding problem, but most of them boil down to drainage and structural problems.

  • Insufficient yard drainage systems
    Yard drainage systems are intended to capture, convey and drain excess water. If your basement is flooding every time it rains, itis likely that your yard drainage system is not serving its intended functions.Proper drainage begins with the slope of your yard; if your lot is not properly graded toslope away from your home’s foundation, water will pool around your foundation and inevitably flow through your concrete foundation walls into your basement. Not only does this cause flooding, it weakens the structural integrity of your foundation. This particular problem is easily fixed by adding a layer of clay surrounding your home that slopes away from your home toward a low point in your yard.

    Your home should also have some sort of drainage system consisting of perimeter drain pipes, sump pumps and dry wells. At Helitech, we use the Hydraway drainage system. The purpose the Hydraway system serves is twofold. First, it relieves hydrostatic pressure—pressure caused by the buildup of water—behind your foundation walls. Second, it conveys water away from your home to a safe drainage location, such as a storm sewer or dry well.

    To learn more about Hydraway drainage systems, click here.

  • Cracks caused by foundation settlement
    All foundations settle to some extent. Sometimes, though, foundations continue to settle, sink and crack long after they are built. This poses a serious structural risk—your walls are literally separating and cracking as they sink further into the soil.Cracks as small as 1/64” wide can let significant amounts of water into your basement. Sometimes, these can be fixed with a simple epoxy resin injection. Other times, your foundation will need to be lifted back to the desired height and stabilized with our American-made piering systems.

    Whatever your needs, we will guide you toward the best repair method for the long-term health of your home.

    To learn more about common signs of foundation damage, click here.

We’ll give you, the homeowner, a free quote for your basement flooding solutions.

We’ll get back to you with a cost-effective solution.

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