New Construction Foundation Sealing for Basement Waterproofing in Columbia, MO

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Finding the Right Basement Waterproofing Company in Columbia, MO

A Columbia, MO homeowner first noticed water coming into his basement and called us for a free inspection. After the initial inspection and estimate, we determined the surrounding soil was causing excessive settlement, shifting, and cracking of the foundation. The cracks were allowing water through and damaging the interior of his new farm home. The entire project included excavation, replacing all four concrete basement walls, waterproofing system installation, beam installation, and pouring and finishing new concrete flooring.

Central Missouri Soil Causes Frequent Foundation Settlement

The existing soil the house was built on was the largest obstacle. Working in such slick conditions caused much concern in regards to site conditions. Missouri is well-known for its clay-rich soils that can cause an increase in foundation settlement.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Boone County

After construction was completed of the new foundation walls, installation of the Hydraway 2000 Drainage System began. Since the original concrete flooring was already excavated, there was no need to drill concrete around the perimeter of the basement. The Hydraway System uses a

The Hydraway System uses a four-step process, consisting of Hydraway 2000 and Hydraway 300 products.

The first step was to roll out a double layer of Hydraway 2000 and insert it vertically, next to the foundation’s footing. The Hydraway 2000 is placed in this position as it is the lowest part in the house where water drains to. The Hydraway 2000 acts as a channel for the water to be drained out of the interior of the home.

Next, Hydraway 300 is placed on top of the footing and against the foundation wall in an L-shape. The Hydraway 300 is used to catch any water that may drain from the foundation wall and direct it to the Hydraway 2000 below. Hydraway 300 was also used to relieve any hydrostatic pressure against the new foundation walls.

A hole was dug out in the corner of the basement and placed inside was a sump pit container. The Hydraway 2000 connects to the sump pit and inside, the Hydrapump (sump pump)was installed.

The final step of the waterproofing portion of the project was to pour the entire concrete floor, on top of the drainage system.

5 star(s)

Patricia W.

New Athens, IL, USA

I wanted to send you a BIG thank you for an outstanding job completed at my home last week. Your team of Alex, Aeian, and Kendell did an amazing job. They were on time, extremely helpful and friendly, answered all of my questions I had and thoroughly explained what they were doing. When they completed the job they cleaned up their mess so well you couldn’t even tell they had just completed it! Their work was extremely tidy and professional looking. I really appreciate this team and all of their hard work. Thank you Helitech!

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