Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Hydraway Waterproofing has built a great reputation protecting investments of homeowners through innovative technology in waterproofing. The Hydraway Drainage System can be installed in your basement, crawlspace, used for exterior drainage, and installed behind retaining walls.

Hydraway will capture water before it enters your basement, relieving hydrostatic pressure and resulting in a dry, comfortable area.

Utilizing a four-step process, Hydraway Drainage System protects your largest investment.

  1. Helitech removes a small section of the floor in the impacted area.
  2. Small weepholes are cored beneath the floor slab to release hydrostatic pressure (this step is only performed in blocked foundation walls).
  3. The Hydraway System, consisting of Hydraway 2000 and Hydraway 300, is inserted.
  4. The removed section of the concrete floor is repoured to the original thickness, ensuring the structural integrity of your home.
  5. The sump pit and pump is installed and connected to a discharge line to carry water away from your home’s foundation.