Crack Repair for Waterproofing

Crack Repair for Waterproofing

In addition to waterproofing systems for basements, there are other products from Helitech that are less invasive or supplemental for your home.

For example, if just have a crack in your concrete basement wall or flooring where water is coming through, a simple solution might be the answer.

Helitech offers crack repair injection systems that don’t necessarily require an entire basement waterproofing installation. For example, Helitech’s crack injection systems literally involve a small needless syringe that seals cracks in concrete. The timing needed for this solution only includes material drying. By using this method, you can also reinforce support for a homeowner’s wall and foundation.

Helitech uses a specially formulated urethane injection formula that acts to push water away and seal off cracks from any further incoming water.

Injection Installation Process

  1. The walls are prepared for installation by sanding the area clean of debris.
  2. Injection ports are installed and sealed off.
  3. Our specially formulated resin is injected into the crack through the ports.

Urethane Injection Applications

  • Basement and foundation cracks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete ceilings

Crack Repair Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Can reinforce existing walls and foundations with a few small injections
  • Less invasive than waterproofing system installation
  • Moisture insensitive to cure on damp or wet surfaces
  • Easy 2:1 mix ratio
  • No shrinkage
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, wood, and metals
  • Deep penetrating and tenacious bonding of cracks in structural concrete

Benefits of Using Urethane Injection Crack Repair

There are many choices in foundation repair systems, but not every crack can or should be treated with the same solution. Simply because there’s a crack in the home’s foundation does not mean that it is letting in moisture. However, every crack has the potential to allow water into the home, and once it has, it will continue to do so.

A significant benefit of using urethane injections is that it can be applied to damp surfaces, eliminating the need to wait for the surface around the crack to dry. Urethane will prevent water from entering the interior of the basement.

Urethane injection is extremely versatile and is available in three levels of viscosity to suit any situation and surface – indoors or outdoors.

An additional advantage of urethane injection crack repair is the product’s flexibility, which protects your investment and prevents further damage by allowing for slight movement of a shifting foundation.

We’ll give you, the homeowner, a free quote for your crack repair.

We’ll get back to you with a cost-effective solution.

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