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At some point, many homeowners will face a settling foundation, uneven floors, cracked and buckled walls, or other foundation issues. When these problems arise, the value and safety of the home’s structure are at risk.

With over 35 years of experience, our expert foundation repair team will access your home and develop a comprehensive solution that addresses your unique foundation repair needs while keeping you informed through- out the process and restoring the peace of mind you deserve.

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Repair Services

Our customized foundation repair solutions will ensure the
structural integrity and long-term value of your home.

Crack Injection

Crack Injection
Utilizing epoxy injection to restore your foundation's strength, our expert team will stop cracks from furthering while also protecting the steel within the structure of your home.

For more severe cracks, our professional technicians will stop additional movement using carbon fiber technology. Our carbon fiber crack repair system uses carbon fiber materials stronger than steel, making it a safe and reliable way to prevent cracks from furthering. Learn More

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors
At Helitech, we offer two types of wall anchors to stabilize and support the bowing foundation walls.

Our Chance Helical Wall Anchor System utilizes helical screw anchors and beams drilled through your foundation and into stable soil to draw bowing walls back to their original location.

Our Dura-Grip Wall System utilizes anchor plates placed in stable soil outside your foundation and drives steel rods through your wall into the earth to reach the anchors. Learn More


At Helitech, we offer three piering options:

Our Chance Helical Pier System uses end-bearing plates called helixes that are welded to a strong central shaft and screwed into the soil to provide a large enough surface area to level and support the weight of your home.

Atlas Resistance Piers use hydraulic pressure from your home's weight to push piers into the soil.

Slab Piers are utilized for homes with a concrete slab foundation and transfer the settling concrete slab to load-bearing brackets and anchors. Learn More

Support Columns

Support Columns
Helitech Support Columns can stop the sinking and sagging of your interior floors by reinforcing your existing wood beams and floor joists.

If you're experiencing excess moisture issues in your crawl space that are contributing to your sagging floors, our crawl space repair services, such as crawl space encapsulation, work in tandem with our foundation repair and basement waterproofing services to reinforce your foundation and make it as strong and safe as possible. Learn More

Sill Plate Replacement

Sill Plate Replacement
The sill plates, structural beams that lay where your concrete foundation meets the framing of your home, are prone to rotting and failure. Since your sill plate bears the compressive load of your home's above-ground structure, wood rot can cause your sill to collapse.

At Helitech, our team can fill the gaps caused by wood rot with foam sealant to reinforce your sill plates or completely replace your sill plates if needed. In addition, we will install a sill plate gasket to create an air-tight seam between your concrete foundation and your new sill plates. Learn More

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My wife and I recently had our crawl space waterproofed by Helitech. We are very pleased with the completed work. The crew consisted of Joe M, Josh S, and George R. The foreman was Ronnie M. The job was scheduled for three days and indeed they were finished on time. …

Paul S. | De Soto, IL, United States


Foundation problems are nearly always caused by one (or more) of the following:

  • Too Much Water. When the soil around the foundation of your walls swells, usually due to heavy rains, it exerts additional pressure on your walls, called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can weaken your foundation’s structure.
  • Not Enough Water. If your area is experiencing a drought, the soil around your foundation will shrink and pull away from your foundation walls. As the soil moves, your foundation walls may not have the required support and can crack.
  • Surrounding Soil. Similar to water issues, expansive and consolidating soils, like clay soil, can affect your home by expanding and constricting. Expansion can cause upheaval (your foundation going up), while constriction can cause settlement (your foundation sinking). 
  • Poor Drainage. If the area surrounding your home has poor drainage, it’s likely to affect your foundation.
  • Poor Preparation. If the contractor who built your home did not prepare the soil before building, you’ll likely experience settling.
  • Poor Construction. If your home was built with substandard techniques, your foundation could experience shifts or cracking.

If you experience foundation problems, contact a foundation repair company immediately. Some typical signs that it’s time to reach out to a professional include:

  • Foundation cracks are the most obvious sign of damage. Call Helitech as soon as you notice any vertical, horizontal, or stair-step cracks in your foundation.
  • Wall cracks are common, especially in older homes. But if you notice large or thick cracks in your drywall, plaster, or basement walls, the house may be settling.
  • Bowing or leaning walls indicate that your foundation’s health is facing severe pressure and could worsen over time. Efforts to stabilize or reposition bowing walls should be taken at the first signs of inward movement.  
  • Foundation sinking or rising can be fairly easy to spot. While every house does settle some over time, excessive foundation settlement can be detrimental to your home’s load-bearing capacity.
  • Sagging floors can point to issues with the structural stability of your floor joists or foundation due to water damage.
  • Cracks above window frames indicate a settling foundation, as they are a vulnerable structural opening.
  • Sticking doors or windows can mean your foundation is settling or rising.

While it can be tempting to try to fix the problem on your own, a professional foundation repair company can address the root cause of your problem and help you avoid future foundation issues. 

As a locally owned and operated company since 1987, we’re proud to utilize American-made waterproofing and repair products. In fact, the steel we use for foundation repair is made in Centralia, Missouri. 

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to homeowners looking for a foundation repair solution. Our expertly trained technicians will devise a repair plan to alleviate your home’s structural problems, ensuring the structural integrity of your home and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

The repair cost depends on several factors, making it essential to conduct an in-person foundation inspection to fully understand the scope of your home’s issue and offer a fair quote. 

At Helitech, we recognize foundation repair costs may be intimidating for homeowners. To alleviate your concerns, our team of expertly trained professionals offers transparent communication and tailored solutions to fit your home’s unique needs and ensure you receive the best solution for your investment. 

With financing options available, Helitech makes it as accessible to find a solution that fits your needs and falls within your budget. We offer various types of financing, including No Interest Option Financing, Traditional Installment Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, and full Refi’s. Explore Our Financing Options

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