Sill Plate Replacement Needed Due to Flooding in Granite City Home

Location: Granite City, IL

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Granite City, IL Home Needed Foundation Repair

Ralph and Marilyn Krausz had serious concerns about their basement foundation wall. They had a finished basement with carpeted floors and paneled walls.

Wet Carpet Causes Concerns in Metro East

They had been in the home since the mid 60ā€™s and noticed over a period of time that the paneling started to bulge and the carpet was getting wet.

Cracks in Ceiling From Foundation Settling

They also noticed on the outside the center ā€œIā€ beam was pushing through the beam pocket on the end wall. There were signs of cracking in the upstairs ceiling and especially around the windows due to the movement.

Madison County Sill Plate Removal and Replacement Project Success

Helitech had to install temporary supports and remove a 30-foot section of block foundation wall. Helitech was able to use the existing footing and construct a block foundation wall.
Helitech had to remove and replace the existing sill plate. Helitech applied a fiber tar and foundation board to the exterior of the replaced wall. Helitech was able to back-fill the next week and seed/straw the work area.
5 star(s)

James S.

Washington, MO

Would like to thank Dave C and Brad K for making the 3-hour trip out to Washington, MO. They were extremely professional and efficient. We appreciate all of their hard work. They explained the system that even if the black edging wasn’t perfect against the wall it would still catch any water that may come in. they cleaned up thoroughly. Yeah! šŸ™‚ from the excellent sales representative to the finished product was a pleasant experience šŸ™‚ Amazing a company that actually does what they say they will. thank you Helitech šŸ™‚

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