HydraAir Compact – Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Helitech customers ask all the time “Why does my crawl space seem so musty even though I don’t have any water in the crawlspace?”. The answer is simple, really. Most homes that are built over a crawlspace were designed with foundation vents that allow air to pass into the crawlspace from the outside – which is really a big problem that can lead to much larger issues than just a musty smell.

Excess moisture in your crawl space from the way of unsealed or vented crawl spaces contributes to wood rot, mold growth, poor air quality, and increased pest activity including infestation and colonization.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, health problems associated with poor indoor air quality include eye irritation, allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems such as asthma. These problems can be directly related to the presence of mold and dust mite infestation in the home. One of the recognized solutions to addressing these health issues is effective moisture control.

Keep this in mind if you don’t think that musty crawl space is a big issue … 50% of the air in your home comes directly from the crawl space. That’s right … at least 50% of what you and your family breathes comes from the crawl space. Any mold spores, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites that are in the crawl space are also in the air that you are breathing.

How do we stop all of these issues and get ready of that nasty smell? Simple – with Helitech’s HydraAir dehumidification system. Once a crawl space has been encapsulated or sealed off, Helitech can install a HydraAir compact unit into your crawl space to reduce the humidity level and leave your home with conditioned air that not only smells better but is better for your family’s health.

The HydraAir compact unit is very small and is perfect for a crawlspace at only 12”x12”x21”. It can be hung with a HydraAir joist hanging kit or placed on a level surface for use. It has an easy-to-set dial for desired humidity level (point out and shown in the video) as well as a switch to set the fan to auto or continuous use.

The HydraAir unit will remove 70 pints per day, which is almost 9 gallons of water PER DAY. Keep in mind that all of that moisture and water vapor in your crawl spaces goes straight up through your home, so why wouldn’t you want clean low humidity air to breathe? And the best part? No buckets to empty as the condensation water is discharged by the drain hose to a sump pit location or can be pumped directly outside with an added condensation pump attachment.

Mold particles are over 2 microns in size. The HydraAir unit will take particles out of the air down to less than 2 microns, thus removing all mold particles and creating a clean breathing environment for you and your family.

For your home’s health, and more importantly your family’s health, we recommend all crawl spaces have a HydraAir unit to Heal Your Home’s air.