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Home Inspection Failure: Leaning Retaining Wall

These homeowners in Wentzville, MO were getting ready to sell this home, but one of the items flagged by the home inspection was the structural failure of the rear exterior retaining wall. The homeowner wanted to find a company that fixes retaining walls in Wentzville. Preferring to know the options of saving the wall, rather than removing and replacing the exterior retaining wall, they found Helitech and trusted the job would be completed to perfection.

The exterior retaining wall was made of poured concrete and approximately 14 linear feet long and 8” thick. The wall had rotated inward 6-8”.

How To Fix a Retaining Wall

After the initial site visit conducted by Helitech, the estimator and on-staff engineers put together a recommendation to excavate the rear of the wall and install two A.B. Chance helical tieback anchors to pull the wall back straight.

The project was completed in 1.5 days and Helitech was able to successfully straighten the wall. The homeowners were ecstatic with the results and were comforted knowing that Helitech had engineers on staff. Also, being in a resale situation, they were pleased with the fact the helical anchors came with a transferable lifetime guarantee to pass on to the new owners and also did not require any maintenance like the traditional plate and rod type anchor.

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Mason, IL

Charles, Jay, and Duran their professional, work ethic and communication was impressive.

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