Fixing Bowing Basement Walls in Decatur IL

Location: Decatur, IL

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Bowing Walls Prove Troublesome for Decatur, IL Homeowner

A client contacted Helitech with a basement wall problem at his home in Decatur, IL. The client explained he had an extreme foundation problem on his north wall. Upon inspection, it was noticed that the basement wall was leaning in 3” from the top and was binding his gas line. Bowing wall solutions can become costly if the wrong contractor is hired.

Macon County Basement Foundation Solution

Helitech’s solution to save the client’s wall was the use of A.B. Chance helical anchors. The wall had to be dug out on the outside of the home and straightened in order to allow the rotation of the basement wall back to structural integrity.

After installation of the A.B. Chance helical anchors, Helitech cleaned the exterior basement wall and applied a spray-membrane to prevent water seepage through the cracks and cold joints.

The client and his wife were ecstatic with the work Helitech did in order to save the value of their home. The client said, “I have never seen a crew work as hard as they did”. This home was truly healed by Helitech!

5 star(s)

Richard S.

From Beau Bolin that did my estimate to Dean H. & Cory G. that did the work. They answered all my questions and made sure I was happy before they left. They made an old problem go away. Thank you !!!!!

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