Mudjacking Process

Concrete Leveling Process

At Helitech, the mudjacking process involves the use of a hydraulic pressure system. This system inserts the grout, which is made up of water, aggregate, and Portland cement, and fills any spaces underneath the concrete slab in order to raise and level the sunken areas.

The process only takes a few hours, and it will cause very little disruption to the movement of traffic in the area.

First, our technicians drill holes that are 2 inches deep through the slab of concrete. In those holes, the grout mixture is injected. Once all of the spaces have been filled, the concrete slab is raised to an even height. Finally, we will broom clean the area and repair the injection holes.

Mudjacking is advantageous on many different surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, garage and basement floors, porches, swimming pool aprons, bridge approaches, factory floors, and concrete streets. This process has the benefit of both improving the appearance of these areas and costing much less than it would to replace the entire slab. In addition, it rectifies any hazards that the uneven slab has created. The cost of mudjacking varies based on the type of space and severity of the problem – contact us today to request a free estimate.

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