Basement Wall Repair at a 104 Year Old Residence in St. Louis, MO

Location: St. Louis, MO

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Stone Foundation Collapses at 104 Year Old Home in STL

Helitech was called to a home in St. Louis. A 10’ section of the stone foundation had collapsed due to years of plumbing issues. The homeowner had installed temporary wood supports to keep the remaining 20’ section of the wall from collapsing as well.

Foundation Repair Project Deemed Successful for St. Louis Homeowner

Helitech set up supports for the home and removed the remaining section of the stone wall. The crew then set and poured a new footing with reinforcement rods to enhance the strength of the soon to be poured concrete wall.

After setting the forms for the new wall, Helitech poured a new concrete wall complete with two new windows and tied the newly poured wall into the existing foundation. After allowing the concrete to set, the forms were removed and a block cap was placed at the top of the wall. The interior supports were removed and the area backfilled and compacted.

Helitech also excavated the original basement floor, removed approximately 1’ of dirt, and re-poured a new basement floor to allow for an additional 1’ of headroom.

This entire project was completed without the disruption of the driveway, which was only 4’ from the foundation wall. It was completed in 8 days.
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Rochester, IL

Charles C, Josh M, Tyler B, Jarrette P, were prompt, courteous, professional and efficient.

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