Winter melts into spring, and possibly your home

The transition from winter to spring can cause problems and affect the structural integrity of your home if not properly addressed.

Cause & Effect

During the winter months, your home’s foundation is, for the most part, stable due to frozen soils and low temperatures.

However, severe problems occur when large amounts of snow (as we’ve recently seen) become piled around the foundation or on the roof.

As temperatures increase, the snow eventually melts. If there isn’t a proper gutter and downspout system in place, the moisture is absorbed into the surrounding soil, causing it to swell up to 15 times its dry volume. The expanded soil pushes against your foundation and can create cracks and even bowed walls.

If your home does not have a proper drainage or waterproofing system installed, the absorbed moisture can enter your home through cove joints (where the wall meets the footing of your foundation).

These same winter effects can happen in the spring as the soil becomes saturated by heavy rainfall.

Preventative Measures

While your home may not have been prepared for the record snowfall this winter, there are preventative measures you can take for spring before it’s too late.

The most important thing to do is inspect your home for beginning signs of foundation issues.

Details to look for include: uneven or cracking floors, doors and windows that stick when opening and closing, ceiling and drywall cracks, foundation wall cracks (both interior and exterior), cracks extending from window wells or door frames, and stair-step cracks in your brickwork.

Another preventative measure is to make sure all gutter lines are running at least 7 feet away from your foundation.

Also look at your yard’s grading; the soil next to your foundation should gently slope away from your home to help drain water away.

Heal Your Home

If you notice any of these signs, or need help assessing your home, don’t hesitate to call Helitech for a free inspection and estimate. We are happy to assist you in performing a professional waterproofing or foundation inspection before the changing season potentially damages your home.