How to prevent your basement from leaking in Paducah KY

The best way to keep your basement dry during heavy spring rains is to do preventative waterproofing work before the issue arises. When the rain does come, you will be glad you followed these 5 tips on how to prevent your basement from leaking in Western Kentucky.

  1. Make sure your downspouts are extended at least 10 feet and are draining away from your foundation.
  2. Each winter, check your Sump Pit to ensure that the Sump Pump kicks on properly, that there isn’t any debris in the sump pit, and that the discharge pipe is flowing away from the house.
  3. Inspect your foundation walls for cracks. Hairline cracks can form over time. While very small and common, these cracks may not leak in the beginning, can begin to have seepage during heavy rains. Any cracks can be addressed with our crack injections for a cost-effective solution to keep water out of your home. Even if the cracks aren’t leaking now, why wait for it to be a problem?
  4. If you have water coming up from where the wall meets the footing, you may have a more serious condition that can usually only be addressed by installing the Hydraway Drainage System below your footing to drain any incoming water away from your home.
  5. Call Helitech for your no-obligation, free inspection for a guaranteed solution and peace of mind during the rainy spring season.

Helitech’s Hydraway Drainage System offers the ultimate protection for your Western Kentucky basement.

Fix the damage at its source. Call in the professionals.

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