Tips on Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Illinois

There are some services you don’t think you’ll need until disaster strikes, like basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Water problems in your home can not only lead to a messy situation but can lead to dangerous structural issues and even health problems.

During times of disaster, like what we’ve recently experienced in the greater St. Louis region and beyond, some smaller contractors may venture outside of their areas of expertise to capitalize on the opportunity. Homeowners in Illinois and Missouri should beware of these companies as their solution may only be a bandage for a deeper structural or drainage issue.

The family-owned company, Helitech, has the expert and guaranteed solution for homeowners with water intrusion and drainage issues. Helitech is a 2016 recipient of the Better Business Bureau TORCH Award for customer service and business ethics.


How to Choose a Basement Waterproofing Company in St. Louis

Company history is the first thing to research when hiring a contractor. The number of years in business can say a lot about a contractor. If they offer warranties but have only been in business five to 10 years, what’s to say they will still be in service when it comes time to make a warranty claim?

Choose a company that not only offers the designated install needed, but one that invests in their customer’s experience; Customer Service, Financing, Safety, and Superintendents are all departments of a contractor that should available to a customer’s disposal.

For more ways on finding a trustworthy basement waterproofing contractor, read this article from the Better Business Bureau.


Preventable Drainage Measures Quad Cities

The best way to prevent a disaster in your home is to prepare. Here are some ways to do just that:

Test your sump pump before the rains hit. All sumps will eventually fail; they are mechanical and at some point will simply wear out. As your car needs its oil changed and serviced, so does your sump pump. To ensure it works properly, fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and pour into your sump pit. If it kicks on and drains the water out, then it works. If it doesn’t work, check the warranty on your system or call a reputable company to install a new one.

At Helitech, we offer only the industry’s highest quality sump pumps and battery backup systems to meet any budget or situation. Our pumps and systems are backed by the industry’s strongest warranty, along with our 30-year reputation. Helitech Project Specialists are trained to make sure you have the right size pump to handle the capacity of these heavy Midwest spring rains.

Water Management and Landscaping. Always start with making sure the water draining off your roof is directed away from your home’s foundation. Take a walk around your house and make sure there aren’t any low areas where water can pool or collect. Helitech recommends extending your gutters a minimum of ten feet, or to an area that slopes directly away from the base of your home.

If you’ve addressed the roof water and surface water and still get water in your basement, then it is time to bring in a contractor with a long, proven history so you are protected in the event of heavy rainfall. For other tips on hiring a home improvement contractor, check out this page. 


Lasting Wet Basement Solutions Champaign, IL

“I recently had Helitech waterproof my basement after years of battling water problems. I had many other contractors promise me they could fix my problem without success,” says Helitech customer, Danny T.

“After meeting with Helitech, I was once again optimistic my problems could be solved. The Helitech representative explained the scope of work in detail and scheduled the work to be done.”

Danny T. continues “I was most impressed with the hard work and professionalism of the work crew; they did an excellent job and cleaned up after the work was completed. Helitech has the best warranty in the business, which gives me peace of mind every time it rains. Most of all, my basement is dry! Would I recommend Helitech? Absolutely!”


About Helitech

Helitech is the industry leader in providing foundation repair and waterproofing solutions to residential homeowners for nearly 30 years. Helitech is a family owned business that takes pride in providing expert, long-term, quality solutions to valued customers. Helitech offers American-made products,  free financing, transferable life of the structure warranties, and free consultations.

Helitech employs Customer Service, Scheduling, Financing, Safety, Estimators, Superintendents, and Repair representatives to better serve its customers as needed.

Helitech delivers 5-star foundation repair and waterproofing solutions to residential homeowners across five states – Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, and Indiana – with offices in Caseyville, Ill., Columbia, Mo., Marion, Ill., and Lincoln, Ill.