Crawl Space Repair

If you’re having crawl space problems, you’ve come to the right place: Helitech is an experienced crawl space repair company and we can heal your home fast.

We use the best repair and prevention methods to create crawl space solutions you can rely on to keep your home and family safe.

Crawl Space Repair

How to tell if you need Crawl Space Repair:

Your crawl space is an important part of your home and keeping it in good condition is paramount for your home’s structural stability and your family’s health. When moisture enters and accumulates in a crawl space, it can lead to issues small and large. 

If you notice any of these symptoms of a crawl space problem, call Helitech to learn more about your crawl space repair and waterproofing options.

  • Musty or foul odors can be a sign that there is condensation or even standing water in your crawl space.
  • High humidity in your home is a sign that excess moisture is accumulating in your crawl space. This humidity can weaken your floor joists and foundation, which can lead to…
  • Uneven or squeaky floors can indicate structural problems with your crawl space or foundation.
  • Drywall cracks can point to foundation issues, which could be caused by structural crawl space issues.
  • Increased allergy or asthma symptoms could mean that the air quality in your crawl space is affecting the air in your living space.

It’s important to find a crawl space repair solution sooner rather than later.

When your crawl space has a buildup of excess water, the rest of the structure can suffer along with it. Unresolved crawl space issues can lead to:

  • Wood rot in crawl space columns and floor joists
  • Mildew and mold growth that can affect your family’s health
  • Pests, such as termites, in your crawl space, basement, and home
  • Higher utility bills due to high humidity and low moisture control
  • Structural damage to your foundation and walls

When you repair your crawl space, you can remedy structural issues, gain valuable storage space, and—most importantly—keep your family healthy and safe.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

Helitech repairs crawl space problems of all types, from regular waterproofing to fixing structural damage.

If you are experiencing water issues in your crawl space, the best solution is a full waterproofing package. 

Depending on the amount of damage your crawl space issues have caused throughout the rest of your home, we can combine our drainage solutions with other repair and support methods to keep your home a safe place for you and your family for decades to come.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

At Helitech, crawl space waterproofing is a multi-part system. Each part of that system works together to keep your crawl space water-free.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl Space Drainage

Crawl space drainage is the first step in fixing your crawl space. 

First, we start with the Hydraway Drainage System, which utilizes a French-style drain called the Hydraway 2000 that works in tandem with the Hydrapump sump pump. 

The French drain creates a place for subsurface water to collect. The perforated Hydraway 2000 removes up to 70% more water than other drainage pipes, allowing us to collect and divert water that would otherwise rest in your crawl space.

We then reroute that water to the Hydrapump sump pump, which pumps it up through discharge lines and away from your home’s foundation to ensure  that the water cannot get back into your crawl space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The next step in crawl space waterproofing is performing crawl space encapsulation. We use the Hydraliner system, which is a thick, polyethylene sheeting, to cover the floor and walls of the crawl space to create a fully encapsulated vapor barrier. This crawl space encapsulation system ensures that any water that could seep up from a dirt crawl space floor or through foundation walls will be blocked and will instead divert to the Hydraway 2000 system. 

Some crawl space vapor barriers are much thinner and prone to ripping or tearing, but the Hydraliner has been proven to be far more effective at preventing moisture accumulation.

Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Humidity in a crawl space can create massive problems, including the perfect environment for mold and pests to grow. When outdoor air and moisture combines with the cool air and touch of air conditioning ductwork that’s often in crawl spaces, it creates condensation and, over time, high humidity. 

Though the Hydraway Drainage System and encapsulation methods keep out a majority of moisture, we also recommend utilizing the Hydrabreeze, an energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier, to circulate low-humidity air throughout your crawl space.

Take note of any of the following signs:

  • Any of the above signs of crawl space issues
  • Cracking, bowed, or bent interior or foundation walls
  • Cracks in exterior walls of the home
  • Sinking or settling foundation

These issues can indicate that your crawl space issues require more than just waterproofing.

We can fix structural issues in your crawl space with:

  • Epoxy or carbon fiber crack injections to stop the current crack and prevent new ones
  • Wall anchors to provide horizontal support to the walls of your crawl space
  • Piering to reverse any settling or sinking of your crawl space and existing foundation
  • Sill plate replacement that provides support where your floor joists meet your foundation
  • Helitech’s own Support Columns that repair any floor sagging in your home

Structural Repair

After we’ve remedied the crawl space problems, we also need to fix any resulting structural issues with your crawl space walls or the floors of your home. 

As the humidity and excess moisture in your crawl space affects the surrounding wood, this can put pressure on your foundation walls or on your wooden floor joists.

Support Columns

As moisture in the crawl space builds up, your floor joists can sink or shift, causing sagging floors in your home. Look out for areas in your home where the floor isn’t even or where doors and windows are sticking.

If you’re experiencing sagging floors, Helitech’s crawl space floor support system can ensure that your floors stop moving for good, no matter what size crawl space you have. 

Helitech’s Support Columns are powder-coated steel columns connected to a large steel bearing plate. This plate absorbs the full weight of your home when it is transferred to our Support Columns from your existing wood, brick, or concrete block columns. 

Because we customize these columns to the exact height of your crawl space, they are sure to be a perfect fit for your home. Additionally, our Support Columns can support over 60,000 pounds, meaning your home will be resting on a strong, stable surface that won’t be affected by any elements, should they somehow enter your crawl space after encapsulation.

Learn more about how to support floor joists in a crawl space here.

Crawl Space Repair from Helitech

Helitech is the premier certified crawl space contractor in our service area. We’ve been creating custom, all-size waterproofing solutions for our customers since 1987.

We start with a free, professional consultation and site inspection to diagnose your issues. Then we can offer a professionally developed quote that focuses on what you really need to fix your crawl space—no unnecessary repairs here.

After you receive your free quote, we can move forward draining, waterproofing, repairing, and securing your crawl space. Each part of our system works perfectly together to give you the safe and dry home you deserve.

Call Helitech today for your free crawl space repair quote!

Contact Helitech today for your free crawl space repair quote!

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