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Crawlspace Encapsulation Cost – Improve Home Health


Helitech was founded on Faith and Family.  We are passionate in the pursuit of making the families we serve feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Our homes are one of the biggest and most important investments we will make. When making this investment we think of a safe place for our families to grow and make lasting memories. Photos are hung showcasing our fondest memories and achievements. Dinners are hosted with love for friends and family. We love, create and live most of our lives within our homes.

When an unexpected problem arises within the home that threatens the health and safety of loved ones it can be crushing. Crawl Space issues can contaminate air within living areas and compromise structural supports. The national average cost of Crawl Space encapsulation is $5,500, but what is the value?  Although the value of the repair stretches beyond cost, it does not negate it!

What is Encapsulation- When is it Needed?

Crawlspace Encapsulation is installing a durable vapor barrier that will seal off the Crawl. This will create a moisture barrier that will help improve air quality for the home and protects structural supports.  Most homes with a dirt floor crawl, have a plastic moisture guard, but that alone may not be enough to protect the area from mold, or water damage. The intention is to create a barrier between vents/structural supports under your home and any water or moisture. Plastic is really only meant for short-term use and over time can fail.










When there is moisture in the Crawlspace it can cause mold growth. Mold eats will eat away at the wooden supports and the insulation. As the structural supports weaken you may notice sagging floors and drywall cracks. As the insulation is eaten the energy efficiency of the home will decrease

Helitechs Encapsulation Solutions

We offer full encapsulation! Crawlspace Encapsulation uses our high-quality HydraLock Pro material and patented HydraDry Crawlspace Waterproofing system. It also includes our HydraAir as well. Encapsulation will protect your home from water, humidity, and potential future damage to any structural supports.

Our Vapor barrier is made of a HydraLock Pro material, is thick, durable, and has an extremely white clean finish. Unlike the plastic laid down in the area at the time of construction, Helitech’s vapor barrier not only keeps moisture levels down but also gives the water a chance to egress(leave). Why is this important? Rain and groundwater is not the only way for the crawlspace to become wet. The home could also have a leaking pipe, overflowing toilet, or dishwasher. With Helitech’s’ vapor barrier, it can escape the home instead of sitting stagnant.

We also have several other treatment options. Our HydraAir Dehumidifier can help keep the air in your Crawl Space clean and free of mold and bacteria. If the mold and water have become to affect the structural supports, we offer Helical Support Columns, Bandboard/Sill Plate Repair, and Floor Joist Repair. 

With over 35 years of experience, we are experts in CrawlSpace repair. Our team will schedule your free inspection with a Home Care Specialist local to you! They will do a full inspection and provide a custom design that fits your specific needs and budget.

What are the Benefits?

  • Improved Air Quality 
  • Dry CrawlSpace 
  • Protect Structural Supports 
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency