5 things to do when your basement leaks in Springfield IL

There is nothing that can make a rainy, gloomy day worse than walking down to your basement and finding moisture. Whether it be a foundation crack with water coming through, a failed sump pump, water coming through the cove joints, or water pouring in from what seems like everywhere, it is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you have water in your basement during this heavy spring season, here are 5 things to do when your basement leaks in Springfield, Illinois:

1. Call Helitech for your free inspection.

The sooner you call, the sooner you can have one of our trained waterproofing specialists out to inspect your home and basement to give you advice on either how to solve your problem yourself or give you a free estimate for repair.

2. Inspect the source of the water.

Is it from a crack? Is it coming up from where the foundation and footing meet? Is it just coming from a window well? Is it a grading issue? Do you have sunken concrete causing an issue?

3. Make sure your gutters are clean and running away from the house.

Downspouts should be extended at least 10 feet. Also, check that your ditches are free and flowing, both in and around your home.

4. Don’t ignore your basement water problem because it won’t solve itself.

Yes, there are lots of different DIY home improvement shows out there when it comes to foundation repair and waterproofing. But when it comes to something as important as the safety and health of your home and family, you should trust an expert like Helitech. Why take the risk when all consultations are free to homeowners?

5. You aren’t going to find a lasting solution at the local home improvement store, so don’t waste time and money on a cheap, quick fix.

If paints and sealers would stop basements from leaking, then there wouldn’t be a need for companies like Helitech or our industry-leading, guaranteed waterproofing system. Instead of spending hours and hundreds of dollars “trying” to fix the problem, let a trained, experienced professional inspect the problem and let you know what needs to be done in order to solve your basement waterproofing issue – for good.

Helitech’s Hydraway Drainage System offers the ultimate protection for your leaky basement.

Fix the damage at its source. Call in the professionals.

Why use the Hydraway System?

  • Proven history of successful installations worldwide in basements, in MLB and NFL athletic fields, for highway drains, and more.
  • Capacity to handle 70% more water than other methods with a greater relief from hydrostatic pressure.
  • Polypropylene filtration ensures the Hydraway System will never clog; No known failures worldwide.
  • Fusion bonding of the filter to the core adds significant strength to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Long-term waterproofing
  • Removes Water 70% faster
  • Warranty on workmanship and materials
  • No Clogging or Backups
  • Minimal disturbance to the foundation and surrounding areas

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